Guide to Buying property in Fukuoka

Overview: The Buying Process

WJOI Corp is a local company founded in Fukuoka in 2018. We assist customers in their quest for the perfect property. We are a full service provider and can help you through every step of the buying process. Some parts of the process are unique to Japan, so it is important to have at least a general overview before getting started.


WJOI Corp offers variety of properties in Fukuoka which cater to the needs of customers. We are here to help you find the right property and guide you through the buying process step-by-step.

Whether you have a good idea of the kind of property you are looking for, or you require assistance to help you decide, the first step starts with sending us an inquiry with your criteria, and any questions you may have.

When you call or send an inquiry via email, one of our bilingual agents will take care of any questions or concerns you may have. Then the agent will search for the best properties that match your requirements from and a start a list.

At any time during the initial stages, please send us any properties of interest you may have found on our website and we can add these to the list. The house hunting process has begun and we prepare to start viewing some of your top choices.




As the buying market in Fukuoka moves quickly, it is better to view your chosen properties as soon as possible before they are taken. From the list of your top choice properties, one of our agents will make arrangements for property viewing.

On the scheduled day for viewings, the agent will pick you up at your residence or hotel and then take you to each property. Part of the tour will include an orientation of the areas including points of interest and local amenities.

We recommend that you make a concise list of requirements and check each property as thoroughly as possible during the initial viewing. Make a note of all of your points of interest and any questions that arise so you can ask your agent.



(Request for negotiation)

If you decide on a property that you wish to purchase, you are requested to fill out a Real Estate Purchase Application Form.

You will complete the Real Estate Purchase Application Form by entering the price of the property that you wish to purchase, payment method, possibility of using a housing loan(s) and the desired delivery date, among other matters, and affixing your name and seal.

All parties who execute a Real Estate Purchase Agreement need to have their identities verified prior to the conclusion thereof.

During negotiations your agent will put every effort into fulfilling your requests but may offer other options or compromises.


Pre-check on loan eligibility

Check housing loan eligibility in advance to facilitate the agreement process.

If you intend to take out a housing loan, prior to the conclusion of the agreement, we recommend that you check with the financial institution whether a loan(s) is possible under the terms and conditions you wish to take.


Explanation      of important matters

Thoroughly check the status of the property and agreed details based on the explanation of important matters.

The explanation of important matters covers important matters related to properties before a purchase agreement is concluded between the parties.


Its clauses include the relationship of rights described in the register, legal constraints for future reconstruction, the relationship between the site of a property and adjacent roads, and provisions in the event of the cancelation of the agreement.


Our sales representative(s), a qualified real estate broker, will explain the details using the explanation of important matters.

※ Our sales representative(s) will explain the details of brokerage operations and provide an outline of the explanation of important matters in advance.


Signing the Contract

Once both parties have reached an agreement with regard to the purchase and sale of a property, based on which a Real Estate Purchase Agreement will be concluded.

When concluding an agreement, the parties will reconfirm the agreed-upon details for the final time based on a Real Estate Purchase Agreement that sets forth provisions including the details of transactions and the rights and obligations of the parties.


By using a report on the status of the property, etc. and a list of facilities, the seller will explain the status of the property and facilities included therein. An agreement is officially concluded subject to the seller and the buyer affixing their respective names and seals, and the buyer paying earnest money (10% of the price of a property).


Briefing list of buying process as following

1. Buyer checks available property in WJOI Corp. website.
2. Buyer chooses a property and delivers inquiry.
3. Buyer come to Japan for taking a viewing of the property.(if possible)
4. Buyer places offer. WJOI Corp. will send the offer to Seller’s agent, and set the timing for contract and completion.
5. WJOI Corp. have a online meeting with Buyer.
6. WJOI Corp. will send all doc to buyer for signing.
7. Buyer signs and sends doc back.
8. Buyer pay the deposit.
9. WJOI Corp. signs the contract on behalf of the buyer with the seller.